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Gerry Dudgeon, Edwina Bridgeman, James Campbell
Mary Rich, Guy Royle, Gina Cowen

OPEN until July 17th from Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 - 5.30

GERRY DUDGEON uses emotive colour to suggest the hot, arid land and ancient mud-built cities he has recently traversed in Morocco and India.

Big Blue - Karen Wade
'The Moroccan Sahara'
51 x 61cm
Gerry Dudgeon

76 x 87cm
Gerry Dudgeon
He evokes a sense of harmony between man-made structures and the land, using a palette of earth pigments as well as the vivid pinks and reds of Rajasthani textiles.

MARY RICH’S fine, highly decorated and gilded porcelain collection is a fitting adjunct to the scene set by his paintings in the main gallery.
Mary Rich -
Blue/gold bottle vase 18cm h. £44

Shallow bowl
16cm diam £68
Mary Rich

Big Blue - Karen Wade
'Catching Snowflakes'
Edwina Bridgeman
EDWINA BRIDGEMAN’S mixed media sculpture makes a welcome return to the gallery. Each piece incorporates all manner of found materials, used with imagination and subtlety. A sense of wonder and joy in life emanates from the delicately painted faces of her wooden figures.

( EDWINA is giving a day’s sculpture Workshoo at the gallery on 17th and 18th July: contact Gilly on 01736 786425 for details and application form. )
Edwina Bridgeman - Suspended Alphabet
'Suspended Alphabet'

Edwina Bridgeman
( Gerry Dudgeon's paintings in the background )
Edwina Bridgeman - Tree of Life
'Tree of Life'
68cm h.
Edwina Bridgeman

JAMES CAMPBELL’s work is imbued with the cool light of Pembrokeshire. Symbolic imagery and stylized drawing are suggestive of dream places. His palette of soft greens and greys settles the observer into a contemplative state of mind.

Big Blue - Karen Wade
‘Quartered Landscape’ pillow dish 40cm wide James Campbell
His ceramics – large stately jars and dishes - have an architectural quality. The landscape painting on these harmoniously encompasses the vessel’s form.
Big Blue - Karen Wade
'The Quay Farm' James Campbell
Edwina Bridgeman - Shadows in a Lane
'Shadows in a Lane'
James Campbell

GUY ROYLE’s beaten silver and gold bangles, brooches, earrings and necklaces are much sought after for their unusual, almost primitive, design and impeccable craftsmanship.

The glass cabinet is full of his new work.

Prices on application
Guy Royle - Gold and Jade Necklace
'Jade and 18ct Gold Necklace' Guy Royle
Gold earrings with amethyst and silver & 18ct gold Bird Brooch Guy Royle

The sea-glass GINA COWEN collects for her silver and gold jewellery comes from many far-flung beaches, and as close as the Scilly Isles, the seeking requiring much dedication.

Big Blue - Karen Wade
'Sea-Glass Necklace' Gina Cowen
Gina Cowen - Sea-Glass bracelet
'Sea-Glass Bracelet' £95 Gina Cowen
with deep blue drop earrings  £65  
The swan-neck fittings for her earrings are fashioned from silver, muted to a matt finish.

Please contact us if you would like to see images of other works in this exhibition.
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