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14th May to 15th July 2006

Dividing her time between studios in Cambridge and St Ives, Elaine brings to her mixed media paintings the freshness of two outlooks.  Small groups of cherished objects on windowsills are a favourite theme, giving the further vision of a near or distant view through the window.  A popular artist, Elaine has enjoyed many successful solo shows at galleries up and down the country, as well as previously at Yew Tree.

here I lie waiting for old summer
Here I Lie Waiting for Old Summer Elaine Pamphilon
mixed media on board 43x53cm  
EllainPamphilon_porthmeor from man's head. mixed media on canvas 100x120cm
porthmeor from man's head Elaine Pamphilon
mixed media on canvas 100x120cm  
Two Vessles and Pigeon at the Window
Two Vessels and Pigeon at the Window Elaine Pamphilon
Elaine Pamphilon   Sunlight through Japonica and Pommegranites on Nigel's Plate
Sunlight through Japonica and Pomegranates on Nigel's Plate Elaine Pamphilon
Elaine Pamphilon - Pink Sun Splashing on the Field-evening Walk to Zennor
Pink Sun Splashing on the Field-evening Walk to Zennor Elaine Pamphilon
Elaine Pamphilon - Japanese Sweets, Plum Blossom and Cherry Tree
Japanese Sweets, Plum Blossom and Cherry Tree Elaine Pamphilon
Elaine Pamphilon - Bebu's Cloth
Bebu's Cloth Elaine Pamphilon
Elaine Pamphilon
'Contemporary Art in Historic Places' Elaine Pamphilon

EllainPamphilon_gorse path to zennor- diptych 60x160cm mixed media on canvas
'Gorse Path to Zennor- diptych' Elaine Pamphilon
mixed media on canvas

EllainPamphilon_sun sparkle on porthminster- mixed media on canvas 80x100cm
'Sun Sparkle on Porthminster' Elaine Pamphilon
mixed media on canvas
Orchid from Ellen  acrylic by Elaine Pamphilon
'Orchid from Ellen & Blackbirds on the Lawn’
Elaine Pamphilon
13” x 17”        
mixed media on board
Sue Binns - Stack of Plates
Stack of Bowls Sue Binns

Well-known for her distinctive blue striped domestic stoneware, Sue has made several large pieces for this show, as well as her familiar bowls, teapots, jugs and plates. Japanese fabrics and ceramics have been an inspiration but it is mainly 1950s Rye Pottery, which delighted her as a child, that now she retains as a stimulus.


Sue Binns - Plates Detail
Plates Sue Binns

Sue Binns Vases
Vases Sue Binns
Sue Binns - Plates

Robina creates her striking glass panels by acid-etching flash glass and layering one piece upon another to build up a rich image reminiscent of patterned fabric brought alive through the play of light through the colour.   Sea birds, animals and folksy motifs, often with a humorous twist, are among favourite subjects.


Robina Jack - Bird
Robina Jack
layered, etched glass
8” x 10”
Robina Jack - Dog
Robina Jack
11” x 11”
Robina Jack - Ship
Robina Jack
27” x 26”


ref: WR4
Wendy Ramshaw
Represented in museum collections world-wide, Wendy is the most versatile of designers, creating not only innovative and exquisitely made jewellery but also large scale outdoor structures including gates for the V & A and St John’s College, Oxford. 

A modest collection of her enamelled, jewelled, gold and silver stacked rings are shown here on their distinctive perspex stands.


Wendy Ramshaw - gold rings, garnets, enamel
Gold rings Wendy Ramshaw
garnets, enamel  
ref: WR3
Wendy Ramshaw rings 1
Rings Wendy Ramshaw
ref: WR2 (left); WR10 (right)

Wendy Ramshaw Ring - WR11
  Wendy Ramshaw
5 silver rings with red gold shapes
ref: WR11
Wendy Ramshaw 'Deja-Vu' - ringset - WR12
'Deja-Vu' Wendy Ramshaw
ref: WR12


Duibhne’s jewellery is distinctive in design and softly feminine in appeal.  She combines rare and unusual precious and semi-precious stones with beaten gold and silver in necklaces and earrings.


Duibhne-Gough Earrings
earrings Duibhne Gough
Duibne Gough
  Duibhne Gough
Lapis, Sapphire & 18ct Gold
ref: DG 8
Duibhne Gough - necklace
necklace Duibhne Gough
Assorted gemstones
ref: DG5


Diana Barraclough - Totem 1
'Totem 1' Diana Barraclough
4’10” high  

In her colourful, abstract ceramic wall pieces, Diana uses different clays almost as collage, building up a pattern of colour and movement in three series of work, inspired by walks along the Cornish coast path, gardens and sea birds.  Similar techniques are used in her tall totems.


Diana Barraclough - Coastal Path
'Coastal Path' Diana Barraclough
ceramic tile  9” x 9”      

Kate Loveday - Life at the Top
'Life at the Top ' Kate Loveday
Many of Kate’s semi-abstract paintings show her love of plants and of the patterns and textures of old fabrics.    She uses oil on card and board and scrapes back the layers so that hints of previous incarnations appear in the finished work.

Kate Loveday Leaves and Shadows
'Leaves a nd Shadows' Kate Loveday
Kate Loveday - A Quiet Light
'A Quiet Light' Kate Loveday


Sheile Stafford
'Jug' Sheile Stafford

Memories of her 20 years in Cornwall enter Sheila’s small oils, despite her current surroundings in West Wales.  By flattening perspective she gives an unusual flavour to her intimate domestic subjects, with often a glimpse of the sea through a window.

SheilaStafford - Pears
'Pears' Sheile Stafford
Sheila Stafford - Vase
'Vase' Sheile Stafford


Both architect and artist, James uses malleable carbon fibre poles to create sculptures which sway in the wind, moving from apparent equilibrium to total chaos and back again.  Lights can be attached to the tips, giving a mesmerising effect in darkness.

James Barnsley Wave Sculpture II
'Wave Sculpture II' James Barnsley
glass fibre poles, on a bed of fumed oak
seen at night

James Barnsley - Wave Sculpture I
'Wave Sculpture I' James Barnsley
glass fibre poles, on a bed of fumed oak

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