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14th April to 31st May 2007

Uplifting and colourful, Yew Tree Gallery’s opening show of the season ‘UPRISING’ is many faceted ~ including paintings, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, glass and jewellery in its two exhibition rooms.

CAROLINE BAILEY Working in watercolour and acrylics, CAROLINE BAILEY RSW captures the charged atmosphere of the meeting of land and sea, both in Cornwall and the Western Isles. 
Loch Greshorn
Loch Greshornish Caroline Bailey
mixed media

Caroline Bailey Sunflowers
Sunflowers & Pink Box Caroline Bailey
mixed media
MARIANNE HELLWIG JOHN’s abstract acrylics show the stirrings of growth below and above ground, whilst birds in flight characterise several of KIRSTEN GLASBROOK’s tapestries, finely woven from dyed nettle yarn.

It was Time MarianneHellwig
Marianne Hellwig - Uprising
Uprising II MarianneHellwig
Kirsten Glasbrook - Little Red Hen
Little Red Hen Kirsten Glasbrook
woven tapestry
Kirsten Glasbrook - Lets Fly Away
Lets Fly Away Together Kirsten Glasbrook
woven tapestry
Alongside these exhuberant wall-hung works are JILL FANSHAWE KATO’s stoneware pots, decorated in her inimitable style with birds, insects and flowers ~  
 Jill Fanshawe Kato - Oval Fish Dishes
Oval Fish Dishes Jill Fanshawe Kato
Jill Fanshawe Kato - Moon Jugs
Moon Jugs Jill Fanshawe Kato
and PRUE COOPER’s earthenware platters, sliptrailed with axioms celebrating life and love. 
Prue Cooper Company
Company Prue Cooper
Prue Cooper - Grub First then Ethics
Grub First then Ethics Prue Cooper
In the middle of this large gallery RACHEL JOHN’s unusual knitted rugs spill out rainbow colours contrasting with the subtle textures of leather, paper and silk in SARAH JARRETT-KERR's bookbinding.

Rachel John - Small Red Blue Rug
Small Red Blue Rug Rachel John
wool & mixed fibres

In the jewellery cabinet DIANE JORDAN’s necklaces incorporate warm-hued stones with hand carved silver beads.
Sarah Jarett-Kerr - Bookbinding
Bookbinding Sarah Jarett-Kerr

Turquoise and Silver Necklace
Turquoise and Silver Necklace Diane Jordan

The adjoining glasshouse collections bring a contrast in mood.  Here CATHERINE HYDE’s watercolours are light in touch and reveal her move “from moonlight into the sun”, as she puts it.
Catherine Hyde - Rain-soaked blossom
Rain-soaked blossom Catherine Hyde
mixed media

Catherine Hyde - Ruby Scented Dawn
Ruby Scented Dawn Catherine Hyde
mixed media

VERONIQUE GIARRUSSO’s gentle narrative paintings are reflective, with an icon-like quality.
Veronique Giarruso Prelude
Prelude Veronique Giarruso
mixed media
Veronique Giarrusso - Message of Spring
Message of Spring Veronique Giarruso
water colour & collage
Sculptor DAVID JOHN shows a series of small shrines, carved and  painted in soft metallic tones ~ and these lead the eye into CHARLOTTE BULLEY’s ‘skewed and fissured’ glass pieces. 

David John - Angel of the Semisph
Angel of the Semispheres David John
painted wood
Charlotte Bulley - Unfurling
Unfurling Charlotte Bulley
skewed, fissured glass
Gina Cowen - Swan Hoop Seaglass Earrings
Swan Hoop Seaglass Earrings Gina Cowen
silver and sea glass
GINA COWEN’s sea-glass necklaces and rings add to the effect of shiny translucence in this room.

Outside in the sculpture gardens are PETER FLUCK's new wind-driven metal mobiles.

Peter Fluck Horizons Wind Mobile
Horizons Wind Mobile Peter Fluck
mixed metals

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