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7th September (Private View) - 25th October 2008

Imaginative responses to the sea and its mysterious depths characterize this exhibition, through the paintings of renowned artists FIONA MILLAIS and CAROLINE McADAM CLARK, wood and stone sculptures by JOE HEMMING, silver vessels and jewellery by JACK TROWBRIDGE, jewels by DAISY DUNLOP, pots by SUE BINNS and CHARLOTTE JONES, glass by MARGARET JOHNSON and MALCOLM SUTCLIFFE, textile collage pictures by TATJANA TEKKEL PEPPE and painted paper sculpture by ARDYN GRIFFIN. Sand Bar
Sand Bar Fiona Millais

Fiona Millais

FIONA MILLAIS’ recent work is based on the coastlines of Cornwall and Western Scotland where land, sea, islands and her own family history are entwined. She evokes in her paintings the essence of place. From stored memories and objects picked up on walks, she creates layers of texture, tone, colour and interwoven history on the canvas. Fiona is the great grand-daughter of Pre Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais.

Coast Walk
Coast Walk Fiona Millais

The Cove Fiona Millais
51 x 71cms

Sea Fields
Sea Fields Fiona Millais
41 x 46cms
The Cowrie Beach Fiona Millais
46 x 56cms

The Headland Path Fiona Millais
30 x 40cms
Estuary Boats
Estuary Boats Fiona Millais
41 x 46cms

Through the Dunes
Through the Dunes 1 Fiona Millais
£275 15 x 25cms

Harbour Fiona Millais
  41 x 71cms

Two Headlands and a Tide Pool
Two Headlands and a Tide Pool Fiona Millais
£1300 61 x 61cms
Rivers and Fields Fiona Millais
acryllic on board
27 x 27cms

Come unto these yellow sands
Come unto these Yellow Sands Fiona Millais
£1800 66 x 76cms
Northern Light Fiona Millais
£ 875 41 x 46cms

To Kentra Bay
To Kentra Bay Fiona Millais
£350 20 x 28cms
Fragments of Coast
Fragments of Coast Fiona Millais
£1150 36 x 71cms

Ariel's Song
Ariel's Song Fiona Millais
£3000 66 x 102cms

ENQUIRIES about prices for all the exhibits, illustrated invitations, and further works available, can be made to Gilly Wyatt Smith on 01736 786425, or by e-mail
01736 786425

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