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18th May (Private View) - 18th July 2008

opening times Tuesday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.30

The fecundity of nature is revealed in the diverse work in this exhibition. Leaves and trees, plants and birds all appear as images in the paintings of ANDREW WADDINGTON and JANE RAY, JOHN MALTBY’s ceramic sculpture, ABBOTT and ELLWOOD’s figurative metal sculpture, ANNIE HEWETT’s retro-style ceramic tableware, MARK HEARLD’s original prints and in GUY ROYLE’s gold and silver jewellery. Roman Land

Andrew Waddington

ANDREW WADDINGTON’s paintings, drawings and woodcuts celebrate the abundance and endurance of nature despite the ravages of weather, fire and man-made forces. In many of his works, a single bird or animal emerges from an intermeshed abstraction of colour and delicate linear images. Strongly attracted to the ancient cave paintings in Chauvet, France, he brings out in his own work an element of their quality of reaching through to the spirit of animal or bird – the essence of nature and therefore the essence of life itself.

Forest Within Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
85cm x 85cm

Night Studio Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
82cm x 82cm

L'oiseu au Feu Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
55cm x 55cm
Soft Rain Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
85cm x 85cm

Roman Land
Roman Land Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
85cm x 85cm
Twilight in Summer
Twilight in Summer Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
97cm x 97cm

After the Fire Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas 81cm x 81cm

Moon Drunk Hare Andrew Waddington
charcoal and wash
44cm x 42cm

Suffolk Hare Andrew Waddington
mixed media on canvas
85cm x 85cm

John Maltby

Working in stoneware clay, JOHN MALTBY has evolved his particular style of imagery that shows more than a touch of humour, underlined with a certain poignancy. His wall reliefs show angels working their patch of land, hovering with a watering can or tending a single plant. The free-standing pieces are set in a background of trees, ancient stones or on boats, the figures having an enduring, timeless quality which is reflected in his treatment of the clay, incised marks standing out against dark red oxides or slate greys, giving the appearance of images hewn out of stone.

Sea Bird and Fish
Sea Bird and Fish John Maltby
stoneware clay
Sea Bird St Ives
Sea Bird St Ives John Maltby
stoneware clay

Angel Box
Angel Box John Maltby
stoneware clay

Angel II
Angel II John Maltby
stoneware clay
Angel Tending Flowers
Angel Tending Flowers John Maltby
stoneware clay

Family Group
Family Group John Maltby
stoneware clay

Family with Rocstiny
Family with Rocks John Maltby
stoneware clay
Boat People
Boat People John Maltby
stoneware clay
24" x 10"

King John Maltby
stoneware clay
14" x 4"
Farmer and Bird
Farmer and Bird John Maltby
stoneware clay

Wall Tiles
Wall Tiles John Maltby
stoneware clay
Tiger John Maltby
stoneware clay
8" x 9"

Young Girl with Earrings
Young Girl with Earrings John Maltby
stoneware clay

Guy Royle

Beads carved from granite and beach pebbles, linked with gold and silver are among the more dramatic pieces in GUY ROYLE’s new collection of jewellery. There are fine necklaces too, rich with amethyst, carnelian and many-hued agates. His beaten silver and gold bangles, brooches and earrings hark back to shapes and marks made by early man, albeit impressively sophisticated!

Gold and Jadeite Necklace
Gold and Jadeite Necklace Guy Royle

Silver Earrings
Silver Earrings Guy Royle

Brooch Guy Royle

Brooch Guy Royle

Two Bangles Guy Royle


Jane Ray

Pattern and decoration are integral to JANE RAY’s richly hued watercolours. From forest floor to starry sky, sea bed to fertile shore, she explores the whole spectrum of creation in her work. The depth of her images comes from a gradual layering of colour washes, detailed drawing, collage and then the final embellishment of gold leaf which gives a luminous quality to the whole painting.

Earth is full of Birdsong
Earth is Full of Birdsong Jane Ray

Let the Waters bring Forth
Let the Waters Bring Forth Jane Ray

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Jane Ray

Tree Jane Ray

Abbott and Ellwood

MIKE ABBOTT and KIM ELLWOOD draw much inspiration for their work from the cliffs and beaches near St Ives where they live. Their figurative metal sculptures are formed from sheet metal which they print with silk-screen designs either created by themselves or photographically raised from old textiles, maps, letters and even seed catalogues. Very contemporary in style, each piece tells a story – often with humour and a touch of pathos too. Redolent of the whole human condition, in fact! Their colourful metal brooches, similarly hand printed, are poised on tiny plinths, making each one a miniature sculpture to display when not worn.

And this is Me
And this is Me Abbott & Ellwood
hand-printed metal sculpture
The Underdog
The Underdog Abbott & Ellwood
hand-printed metal sculpture

Grow your Own Abbott & Ellwood
hand-printed metal Sculpture
The Gardener Abbott & Ellwood
hand-printed metal sculpture

Communication Abbott & Ellwood
hand-printed metal sculpture
Overseas Abbott & Ellwood

Fishing in the Shallows
Fishing in the Shallows Abbott & Ellwood
hand-printed metal sculpture

Lady Gardener Abbott & Ellwood

Anne Hewett

Stylised motifs of leaves and plants in the retro colours of soft blue, lime green and brown on ANNIE HEWETT’s ceramic tableware carry the assured skills of a graphic designer. Working with slipware allows her plenty of scope to use a drawn line in combination with freely painted colour. The illustrative qualities in artists such as Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden have been a strong influence – most particularly in her new range of engraved blue and white designs.

Engraved Bowl
Engraved Bowl Annie Hewett

Retro Jug, Plate, Beaker Annie Hewett

Leaf-circle Jug
Leaf-circle Jug Annie Hewett

Retro Style Pots
Retro Style Pots Annie Hewett

Mark Hearld

MARK HEARLD’s joyful linocuts and lithographs of allotments, tousled back gardens, rabbits and chickens illustrate man’s input to ‘this fruitful earth’. He too loves the work of early C20th artist/designers who drew from nature but also embraced decoration and pattern.

Allotment - Goat Husbandry
Allotment - Goat Husbandry Mark Hearld

Bramble and Apple Allotment
Bramble and Apple Allotment Mark Hearld

Spangled Cockbird
Spangled Cockbird Mark Hearld

Thrushes Nest
Thrushes Nest Mark Hearld

Salad Days
Salad Days Mark Hearld


Teresa Searle and Alison Dupernex

Still in decorative vein are two small textile collections: TERESA SEARLE’s felted, appliquéd pouches and accessories in rich reds, greens, rusty orange, blues and purple and ALISON DUPERNEX’s knitted silk marl scarves and cardigans in soft, sensuous springlike tones.

Purses and Eye-glass Case
Purses and Eye-glass Case Teresa Searle

Silk Marl Knitwear
Silk Marl Knitwear Alison Dupernex

Ardyn Griffin and Anthea Richards

Papier mache fowl of random origin, as well as finely painted Shaker boxes are ARDYN GRIFFIN’s contribution to the humorous aspect of this earthy exhibition, and painted tables by St Ives artist ANTHEA RICHARDS complete the indoor exhibits.

Flying Seeds Table
Flying Seeds Table Anthea Richards

Meadowsweet Table
Meadowsweet Table Anthea Richards

Reece Ingram

Outside in the two gardens are sculptures by REECE INGRAM. Focal point of the round walled garden is a John Dory chiselled out of dark granite whilst 6 graceful maidens of uncertain heritage, carved from Sweet Chestnut, sway across the main lawn.

Sweet Chestnuts
Sweet Chestnuts Reece Ingram

John Dory
John Dory Reece Ingram

PROCEEDS from sales in this exhibition will support TREE AID’s work in establishing tree nurseries in the driest, poorest parts of Africa.

ENQUIRIES about prices for all the exhibits, illustrated invitations, and further works available, can be made to Gilly Wyatt Smith on 01736 786425, or by e-mail
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