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Following her walk to Santiago de Compostela in September, Gilly has returned with renewed zest and, with Miranda of The Restless Gallery, decided to continue the exhibition throughout October – introducing some new artists along the way!

Renowned for her fine tapestry weaving, KIRSTEN GLASBROOK shows a new wall-hanging which was selected for the international exhibition ‘ARTAPESTRY 3’ which was seen in several European centres this year.

Kirsten Glasbrook

‘Since the Beginning’   160 x 120cms

ANGELA HARDING is both painter and printmaker and is a regular illustrator in Country Living magazine and Gardens Illustrated.

Angela Harding

‘Nuthatch & Still Life’  40 x 30cm
acrylic on canvas

‘Linnet and Hills’ 30 x 30cm
acrylic on canvas

Angela Harding

‘Turnstone & Lighthouse’   22 x 26cm
acrylic on board

‘Pink Bird’ 20 x 25cm
acrylic on board

Angela Harding

‘Blackbird stealing redcurrants’
block print & silkscreen

‘Winter Whippet’
block print and silkscreen

Ceramic bowls and dishes are now the focus of ROBINA JACK’s decorative painting skills, hitherto expressed in her fine stained glass panels.

Robina Jack

‘Snow Goose’ 29cm wide     irregular ceramic dish

Robina Jack

‘Hen indoors’ 29cm diam
ceramic bowl

‘Victorian Bird’   29cm diam
ceramic bowl

Well known for her bold stoneware ceramics, LAUREL KEELEY added painting to her repertoire some six years ago, with resultant success in exhibitions.


‘Woodland’ 73 x 23cm
stoneware slab pot

‘Tall Fields’ 92cm high
stoneware thrown pot

‘Haldon Woods’ 68 x 95cm          acrylic & charcoal on canvas

Laurel Keeley

‘Garden Path’ bowl 48cm diameter         stoneware


‘Start of Spring’    39 x 34cm
acrylic on board

‘Wind: November’    39 x 34cm
acrylic on board

ALEX MALCOMSON’s wood carvings and boxed constructions are all inspired by the sea  - not surprising as he is a keen sailor and an islander. These two pieces are a taster for his major show here next autumn.


Hanging Diver 40 x 45 x 18cm
Carved, painted wood

‘Harbour Light, Pz’    22 x 32 x 3cm
mixed media box construction

The movement and hues of the sea are reflected in the designs of JANE CHARLES’ free-blown glass vessels and bottles. After forming in the furnace Jane finishes the piece using cold-working techniques of sandblasting, grinding and polishing.

Jane Charles

Strazzy bowl  (JC2) 21cm h x 20cm diam

Jane Charles

Angled scent bottles (JC15,16)
17cm high

Musical bottle (JC17)
14cm high x 20cm wide

Jane Charles

Mid-strata bowl, blues (JC4)
15cm diam

Mid-strata bottle (JC18), 2-tone vase (JC13)
24cm high, 16cm high

Jane Charles

Lilac,moss,ruby Strazzy Vase     21 cm high

JOHN MALTBY continues to engage us with delight in his new stoneware sculpture.  His sense of humour and superb craftsmanship are manifest in each piece.

John Maltby

Man and Bird (JM1)
46cm h £285

King and Owl (JM9)
35cm h £200

john maltby

Neptune (JM3) 53cm h  £480

john maltby

Grinning cat box (JM18)
12cm h £85

Angel casket (JM7)
18 x 15cm     £240
Tiny owl box (JM23)
10 x 5cm £70


john maltby

4 figures, 2 trees (JM18a)
26cm h £360

Sheltering (JM12)
17cm h      £120

john maltby

Small Raven & King (JM4)
30x17cm      £350

john maltby

Royal Yacht swingboat – wood

Smaller swingboat – wood

ELISE JENNINGS shows a collection of felted vessels as well as striking earrings made from recycled tin, alongside gilded paper jewellery by her mother, HELYNE JENNINGS.

elise jennings

Felted wool vessels

On the white shelves are domestic ceramics by ANNIE HEWETT and JUDITH ROWE, with two Pigeon paintings by PIPPA MILLS on the stone wall.

rowe hewwett

Tableware by Judith Rowe, Annie Hewett

pippa mills

Railway Pigeon     oil
30 x 36cm £250

Yellow-eyed pigeon   oil)
30 x 25cm   £195

And last but not least – two cabinets filled with gold, silver and stone jewellery by GUY ROYLE and DUIBHNE GOUGH, another displaying the fruits of RITA SERES latest travels in her necklaces;  painted boxes by ARDYN GRIFFIN and a rack of new silk marl and cashmere scarves by ALISON DUPERNEX.

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