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22nd June - 9th August

'Coast path near Zennor'            102 x 66cm

The rich vitality of the earth is brought out in glorious colour in the mixed media paintings of LUKE PIPER.  Travelling widely, painting kit at the ready, Luke finds the more he observes the colour, light and structure of his surroundings, the more it fascinates him, until he "finally unearths the raw spirit of it all". The ancient landscape of Penwith, with its network of ley lines, he finds as intriguing as the Aboriginals' 'dreamland' in Australia, and the remote oak woods of Dartmoor.

His first major show - in company with his illustrious forbears, Edward and John Piper,  was in 1992 at the CCA Dover St Gallery,  followed by solo shows in London and


Luke Piper

'Zennor'  56 x 76cm

'near Zennor'   38 x 56cm

Luke Piper

'near St Ives'        38x56cm

Luke Piper

'near Morvah 2'   38 x 57cm

'Rosemergy'   56 x 76cm

Luke Piper

'Sinodun Hill'  57 x 76cm

Luke Piper

'Wistmans's Wood 2'         38 x 56cm

'Wistmans Wood 3'            38x56cm

Luke Piper

'Trees, Arnhem Land'      38x57cm

Luke Piper

''Red Bluff, Carnarvon, Arnhem Land'  56x76cm

Dennis Farrell


''Light and Landscape'     60x19x39cm

The passage of time, revealed in weathered layers in both coastal and rural landscapes, is central to the themes in DENNIS FARRELL's clay-works.  Light, line, colour and texture enfold his hand-built forms.  In some pieces he draws through the wet slip before adding colour, in others he polishes the surface with a diamond pad after the glaze firing, taking away some of the surface to reveal layers of slip beneath.
A professional member of the Craft Potters Association, Dennis has exhibited extensively in his long career and his work is in many public collections in Britain.

Denis Farrell

'Yellow Field'
23 x13 x 38cm

'Spring Woodland'
25 x12 x 51cm
'Tideline 3'
21 x13 x 44cm

Denis Farrell

Small hand-built pots approx 10cm diam x 15cm high

Dennis Farrell

'Desolate Shore'
30 x 10 x 30cm

'On the Beach'
31 x 14 x 37cm

Dennis Farrell

‘Longshore Drift’

‘Sea washed form 5’
‘sea-washed form 1’ 29x22x5cm

Dennis Farrell

'Dense Woodland'
31 x 12 x 38cm  

'Treeline 2'
27 x 13 x 43cm

Rod Friend



'Tree at the Bend of the Road'  50 x 40cm

ROD FRIEND, stained-glass designer maker of forty years' standing, has been drawn in a new artistic direction since moving to Andalucia several years ago. Here the bright sunlight enriches hues of olive grove and almond blossom, and deepens shadows - ideal subjects for drawing in soft pastel, which is in fact pure pigment.  His designer's eye picks out shapes and patterns in the landscape, which he brings alive by his vigorous mark-making.  Rod graduated from the Royal College of Art in the 1960s.

Rod Friend

'First Greens of February'
40 x 50 cm

'Valley of Almonds'
40 x 50 cm

Rod Friend

'Ploughed Olive Grove'              40 x 50cm

Rod Friend

'Olive Trees in Winter Sun'
40 x 50cm

'Oaks in the Valley'
50 x 70cm

Rod Friend

'Goat Days'   40 x 50cm 


'Exotic Chest'      tin  36 x 25 x 24cm high 

A fine artist with a love of plants and great botanical knowledge, ARDYN GRIFFIN finds tin document chests and hat boxes the perfect vehicle for her narrative painting.  Through them she takes us on a stroll through garden and hedgerow or into the world of jungle creatures and exotic birds.   Equally versatile at modelling paper mache into sculptures,  she sets the scene for a story to unfold, often with a humorous twist.
Ardyn studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Goldsmith's College, London.    

'January Garden'  tin
34 x 23 x21cm h

'May Flowers'  wood
30 x 23 x 12cm
'Spring'   wood
40 x 30 x 20cm


'Summer Garden'  tin hat box
36cm wide x 28cm high

Ardyn Griffin

'Tiger'  papier mâché
30cm high

'Hare in Bracken' papier mâché
20cm high

Ardyn Griffin

'Ark'   38cm high papier mâché

Anie hewitt


After graduating from St Martin's School of Art in the 1960s, ANNIE HEWETT worked as a graphic designer - until she discovered the joys of clay, and most particularly, of throwing, for which she had a natural aptitude.  She is now a decade into her new career and makes pots that are a delight to use and view.  Stylised motifs of leaves and plants in retro colours carry the brushwork of an assured designer. In her other range she engraves through cobalt or green slip to reveal the white body beneath. Annie is a member of the Gloucester Guild of Craftsmen.

annie hewitt

Bowl with leaves


Annie Hewitt

Cream jugs

annie hewitt

Engraved jugs & posy vase

Engraved serving dish Engraved oven dish

In addition to these exhibitors, there will be jewellery by GUY ROYLE, DUIBHNE GOUGH, JANE KENNARD and RITA SERES on display, as well as stoneware sculpture by JOHN MALTBY, ceramics by NIGEL LAMBERT and JUDITH ROWE and new wood carvings by JENNY COOK

jenny cook

'Primroses'  14 x 9cm

'Anemones'  51cm high

The gardens surrounding the galleries are alive with fish and birds and giant metal ferns and flowers by MIKE SAVAGE, a  group of Pole People by EDWINA BRIDGEMAN and countless other delights!  You are welcome to wander through the gardens during your visit and enjoy a rest on the various seats and benches.

Do let Gilly know (gilly@yewtreegallery.com) if you would like prices of any of the work featured here, or would like to see images of other pieces by these artists.

I hope many of you will be able to visit 'WILD ENERGY' here on the west coast of Penwith in Cornwall, but failing that, enjoy looking at the images here on the website.


18th June 2014

More images available upon request.

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